Uzbek Russian Fede Weft

 Uzbek (Russian fede) Uzbek natural weft hair

Our Uzbek wefted hair is made from a 100% top quality real virgin human hair.

The hair is sorted, carefully washed out, prepared and combed.    

Available colors are 1B (Brown to Dark Brown) all natural, available in wavy curly or straight texture.

The available lengths are 50cm-70cm (20"-28").The available lengths are 50cm-70cm (20"-28").

Uzbek (Russian fede) Uzbek straight colored weft hair 

The hair is bleached, colored and comes in different textures from satin soft to medium smooth. 
Weft's colors are: #613, #24, 10, 8, 6, 4 
The hair is collected from Uzbekistan and produced with the highest European technology available, the hair is wefted and weights about 100grams per a piece.
The available lengths are 50cm-70cm (20"-28").
The weft hair extension.
Hair Salons, fashion houses and stylists worldwide are using our unique wefted hair for hair extensions.
Hair distribution on the weft is machine made and very precise so the hair looks like a natural hair once the extensions are in place.
The wefted hair will not cause any discomfort to the customer and the removal is very easy.

NHH-CENTER use high quality, 100% natural, virgin , remy human hair for weft hair 
Weft hair extensions gives your hair lengths and volume.
Each bundle is made in our unique technology of sewing, European tech. which 
produce thin and flexible weft, yet the weft is strong and shedding free.
The beards of our weft are short and invisible.
Each bundle is 100gr.











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