NHH-CENTER use high quality, 100% natural, virgin , remy human hair for keratin tipped 
Keratin tipped extensions from NHH-CENTER will give you natural, fullness and wealthy look, 
by adding volume and length to your natural hair.
NHH-CENTER offers you 2 common types of tips:
 Flat
 I tip
NHH-Center use original, high quality Italian keratin, to be ensuring the fantastic 
quality of the tips.
In one pack there are 100 strands, equal to 100gr.
The life time of each strand is 4-6 months, it mean you need to renew the keratin 
You can reuse the hair, and wear it again for the same period.
For a full head 125-150 strand (gr.), will be perfect
Uzbek hair comes only in a straight pattern, and different textures from silky to 
coarse. Available in his natural colors and 6 of the most popular colors
Russian fede hair comes in straight and wavy/curly natural pattern. Also, with 
different textures from silky to coarse.  Available in his natural colors and 24 
different color shades.
Keratin hair extensions


Keratin hair extensions flat tip

Our Keratin hair extensions are made from a 100% top quality real virgin human hair.
The hair is sorted, carefully washed out, prepared and combed. Hair's texture is satin soft to medium coarse texture.
The hair is collected and produced with the highest European technology available. The Keratin hair extensions are arranged in 1gram strands.
The available lengths are 50cm-70cm (20"-28"), the colors are: 613, 24, 10, 8, 6, 4 and it is available at wavy curly and straight texture.
Keratin does not harm the hair and makes the procedure of keratin hair extension simple and safe.
The extensions contains capsules of U type, each strand is fastened to the base using a unique material.


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